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Reffer a customer to us and get paid up to 20% of what that customer spends on our platform. Track earnings in an easy to use dashboard.

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Get paid for:

Customer Signups

Anytime you bring us a customer you'll receive a percentage of whatever that user spends on our platform.

Hitting Signup Goals

If you hit certain customer acquisition goals we'll pay you on top of your commissions. For instance, get $200 every five customers.


Advanced Affiliate Dashboard

Every affiliate will have their own dashboard where they can track clicks, sign ups, and ongoing customers generated through them as well as their earnings.

Custom referral links

Place your unique code at the end of any link to track your signups.

Direct to social

Share your tracking URL to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or direct through email.


High Quality Marketing Assets

Access high quality marketing graphics and videos you can use to generate your affiliate commissions directly from your affiliate dashboard.


Fast and Direct Payouts

We can pay hundreds of affiliates in just minutes thanks to our Paypal Mass Payments feature. Just input the PayPal email that you'd like us to send payment to into your affiliate dashboard.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I withdraw my earnings?

After you have earned $50 from customer sign ups you will receive your payout. We will pay you through PayPal.

How do I track my earnings?

You will have access to your own dashboard where you can track customer signups and your earnings.

What happens if a user changes their subscription?

If a user changes their subscription you'll still get the same percentage (exp. 20% of $49 -> 20% of $399).

Do I get paid on a recurring basis?

Yes, you will be paid a percentage of each user for however long that user is paying for their account.

Is my affiliate account linked to my nT account?

No, your affiliate account is different from your account. You will sign in through a different source.

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